The first step of the Naume Children’s Foundation Gulu-Norduganda, founded in 2006, was to support scholarship holders in existing private schools.

The main goal, however, is the construction of a foundation-owned school with the aim of providing several hundred children in need of a good education. The basis for this was laid with the acquisition of a plot in 2011.
The village communities surrounding the school property are supported by the installation of wells and assistance in operating medical facilities.

In order to be allowed to work in Uganda, a state registration of the foundation is required. An office must also be proven. In the beginning, the office was run in a rented room in Gulu. With the purchase of a school property and the construction of the first buildings, we moved with the office to the school site. This saves the foundation rent and the money can be used directly for the construction of the school.

During the construction of the school we are supported by the Spatzenhof Foundation.