By means of three container shipments  largely donated equipment, machinery and sanitary goods which do not or are not in Uganda of required quality, or are simply too expensive on the school grounds. In principle, there is everything in Uganda to buy were transported. The prices are often excessive and the goods are of inferior quality. Craftsmen who work for us repeatedly complain about the inadequate quality of the tools and products offered on the domestic market, which are usually cheap goods from Asia.

Important devices and machines that have been imported are:

  • Large generator to power the entire school and the devices with high power consumption (donation).
  • Two small generators for mobile use, for example when welding (one donated)
  • 250 L concrete mixer
  • small concrete mixer (donation)
  • Sand mill, compulsory mixer, stone press
  • Betoninnenrüttler
  • Vibrating plate (donation)
  • High pressure cleaner, compressor
  • Woodworking machines (donation)
  • Various equipment, machinery and tools such as circular saw, chain saw, hammers, pliers, hand saws, pumps, hoses, frames, shovels, pickaxes, Wheelbarrow, steel cables, chain sling, lifting device, drill press, Wrench, Tile Cutter, Clamp, thread cutting block, axes, hose clamps, screws , Cable drums (partly donations)
  • Desk, workbench, shelves (donation)
  • Pallet truck (donation)
  • Hand truck
  • ladders
  • Mini excavator, with blades, hydraulic hammer
  • Motorcycle (donation)
  • Small tractor for school arm (donation)
  • Single axle for school arm
  • Brushcutter, harrow, plow, cultivator, cutter bar for school arm
  • Washbasin with faucets, toilets, shower trays for school sanitation (donation)

Truck, wheel loader and large tractor were transported as general cargo from Germany via ship and low loader on the school grounds.