A plot for school construction was acquired in 2011 by a family in the community of Adak, about 20 km from Gulu. The family has large estates, so that after the sale still enough land for their own agriculture is available. The plot has an area of ​​about 300 mx 700 m (about 2100 m2).

There were two reasons for buying a piece of land in rural areas: through a school in such an environment, the families in the neighborhood also benefit, with a contingent of neighborhood children, during the construction phase and later when the school is in operation. Another argument is the price of land that has exploded in the immediate vicinity of Gulu after the ceasefire.

Located in the southwest corner of the property is the technical area, which will be completed first, as it provides the technical basis for the construction of the school buildings (accommodation for students and teachers, buildings with classrooms, workshops, water and electricity supply and building blocks production). Canteen, etc.