We help where the need is greatest.

Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world. Decades of civil wars and rampant AIDS epidemics have orphaned more than 2 million children. Children who have no future without help and intact infrastructure.

This page is intended to give you an insight into our foundations work, to keep you informed about progress on a regular basis and to introduce the people behind the Foundation.

The Foundation

The Naume Children’s Foundation Gulu-Norduganda was founded by Dr. med. Founded in 2006, Paul Okot-Opiro is designed to help improve the lives of needy children in northern Uganda, such as access to good education.

Our goals

The first step of the Naume Children’s Foundation Gulu-Norduganda, founded in 2006, was to support scholarship holders in existing private schools.
The main goal, however, is the construction of a foundation-owned school with the aim of providing several hundred children in need of a good education.

Your contribution

Volunteers and professional experts are involved in the implementation of the foundation’s goals, which are currently focusing on the establishment of a school for needy children in northern Uganda.

The following pages give you a detailed insight into our goals and activities. We would be glad if we could arouse your interest and you would like to support our work.


Every dollar counts! We need your support to continue our job in making kids lives better. The construction of the school is still not finished and we need to facilitate the operating costs to supply the materials and hire stuff. Your small donation can make a huge difference!

School location

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