Currently, a team of 2 -5 people travels to Uganda twice a year during the dry season in February / March and November / December for two to three weeks to promote the construction of the school.

The tasks are varied and range from administrative visits, obtaining permits, to the procurement of building materials, surveying, electrical installation, repairs to vehicles, to the handling of shovels and pickaxes and to working with the construction vehicles and machines.

Because all construction steps must be checked regularly and promptly urgently requires a civil engineer with experience abroad, ideally in Africa, with very good English and physical fitness to be at temperatures up to 40 ° C and high humidity to be efficient and with plenty of free time (pensioners? ), which is able to coordinate the construction work on site several months a year. The range of tasks also includes the management of financial resources and the control of the purchase of building materials, so that not excessive prices for material of poor quality is purchased, or that no funds are diverted.