Current status:

A school property was acquired in 2011.
The planning permission of the authorities and the permission of the school office are available.
The technical requirements for the beginning of the construction of the school buildings are almost given.

With three container transports were transported from Germany to Uganda on the school grounds.

  • Sand mill and stone press
  • power generators
  • Construction vehicles: Truck with loading crane, wheel loader, mini excavator
  • two tractors for the school arm
  • various tools and devices
  • Sanitary items

Main objectives:

  • to operate the sand mill and stone press
  • to protect the big generator from rain
  • for wood and metal workshop
  • for sanitary facilities and cooking facilities and waste collection
  • for the security guard
  • as well as a vehicle shelter

Currently the power cables are laid and connected to the machines and workshops.
A well is drilled and electrified. A high tank for receiving the well water is placed. Rainwater storage tanks are installed.
The containers transported to Uganda are the property of the foundation and are now used for safe storage of materials and machines.
Now we can start building the classrooms and the student and teacher accommodation soon so that the school starts as soon as possible.

In December 2015, officials from the Gulu district authorities visited the school grounds to get an idea of ​​the progress of the work. The foundation is also in regular contact with the local authorities of the municipalities and the subcounties and with the neighbors in order to make school construction transparent and establish a good relationship with the residents.