The technical area provides the infrastructural conditions for the construction of the school buildings. It is located in the southwest of the property and covers approximately 60 mx 60 m (approximately 360 m2) area.

The technical area includes a warehouse, two buildings for making building blocks, drying area for building blocks, building for wood and metal workshop, sanitary facilities, building for electricity generator, waste collection point, shelter for vehicles with repair pit, spaces for containers, high tanks for water supply and tanks for collecting rainwater.

The first building was built in 2012, a warehouse. In 2013, the entire property was surrounded by a fence. The main construction phase of the technical area took place between 2014 and 2016.

Initially, workers from the neighborhood were hired to rid the area of ​​lush growth and disruptive termite mounds. Cement is mixed by hand and turned on with water from the well.

The technical area is surrounded by a wall to protect against theft and to demarcate school operations.

Surveying work ensures compliance with the locations of buildings and paths. The foundations were dug out by hand and reinforced with structural steel mats where heavy loads had to be borne, such as the sand mill and stone press building. To prevent the foundations from drying out quickly during the dry season, especially during the construction phase, straw coverings and watering help.

Local bricks have been used for the perimeter wall and the buildings of the technical area. Local workers and helpers were hired to pull up the walls. Represented are, albeit rarely, women in craft professions.

In March 2015, we were advised by an engineer from the Senior Expert Service. In the field operations are also regularly volunteers with it.

The construction measures are interrupted especially at the end of the dry season now and then by cloudbursts for several hours. Even a snake, here a Phyton, can cause disturbances. For minor injuries to construction, foundation founder Dr. Paul Okot-Opiro on the spot.

Power generator and wheel loader are important tools in construction for welding, earthmoving and lifting and moving heavy objects. In March 2015, the foundations are still in work. In March 2016, the technical area is bounded, equipped with entrance gates and the buildings are largely completed.